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Dr. Michael Hames-García studies and teaches about inequalities of race, class, gender, sexuality and disability in the criminal justice system from policing and criminal courts to incarceration and reentry. His current research examines liberal responses to popular demands for racial justice.



Not What We Had In Mind:
Civilian Oversight and Crises in Policing

A case-study of civilian oversight of policing in the city of Eugene, Oregon, based on interviews, participant observation, and archival research. It understands civilian oversight bodies including those that review policy and those that investigate and review complaints against police as a liberal reform implemented by jurisdictions following moments of crisis for law enforcement.

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Ideas on Tap: Race, Policing, and Barriers to Reform

Wednesday, December 2 at 6 pm

Virtual Event

University of Oregon Museum of Natural and Cultural History



Professor of Mexican American and Latina/o Studies at the University of Texas at Austin

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